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i’m moving.

new address:




a couple days ago we got a card from this really great sixth grader we know telling us he’s graduating from high school! holy crap i feel old. my first year of teaching little kids at church he was in kindegarten i think. its funny that i only feel old when i see other people growing up.


my blog broke yesterday. i wasn’t too worried – mostly i was just frustrated that i couldn’t blog about it 🙂 but when someone in the help group recommended i delete it and start over i decided i better call in superhero bryan and he fixed it right up. and recommended i think a little more quickly about moving the blog over to something like typepad. so i guess i better get on that.

thanks again bryan!

new discovery

“mom! when i sneeze, if i snort like a pig, the sneeze (snot) goes back in my nose!”


on our library trip today I was quite pleased to discover that they were having a book sale. this was as many as i could grab in the time allotted (by the children of course) while staying within my budget (cash i scrounged from my bag). i found a couple of deck building/designing books for dave, lots of kiddo books – they had a buy one get one free special (although they didn’t really mention that the free books were in a special box over in a corner.) and the really exciting part – three old school dessert cook books. i saw two “joy of cooking” books and thought about buying them because i keep hearing that everyone should have that one. the first was published in the 60’s and was going for $20, and the second was ten years younger and the bargain price of $6. both exceeded my budget.

just look at these beauties. i wonder if cake mixes were relatively new at the time this book was published. it has all kinds of varietes i’ve never heard of and all kinds of great things to do to them.

and the pie book doesn’t really look delicious (it’s a good thing cook books have gone color), but i can imagine that i’m gonna gain several pounds due directly to this book.

hand me down

remember this picture?

isaiah’s a bit more active tonight than ellen was on that night. he wasn’t at all interested in holding still.

i suppose a flash would have helped, but then it’s weird lighting. but you get the point – this, i think is the only article of clothing that will be handed down from ellen to isaiah. i suppose it should be obvious, but it was funny to dave and I that it fits them differently. for instance the shirt was always long on ellen, but poor isaiah’s belly keeps peaking out.